Questions to Ask When Choosing Software Development Services

So you have decided to outsource your software development and managed to find Top Software Outsourcing Companies in Vietnam which you consider to be a good fit. Now, you are probably wondering how to pick the best one of them and how to avoid misunderstandings and disappointment. Well, it’s simple – Ask them questions! Here’s a list of questions that will help you start the conversation & find the potential partner you need, before “get things rolling”.

1. What does the development process look like in your company?

This question can be very helpful not only to see the approach outsourcing firms normally take when it comes to providing software development services but also to check how much they care about the business side of your project. It’s important to have a basic understanding of how the team conducts the software development process. This will help you get an idea about how they operate. Do they follow DSM(daily scrum meetings)?  Or maybe weekly ones? This will have an influence on your collaboration. 

What does the development process look like in your company?

2. Do you have experience with similar projects?

do you have experience with similar projects?

Most IT companies work in different sectors of business from banking, finance to E-commerce. Nevertheless, it’s important that your outsourcing partner has experience in projects similar to yours. This will prove they have some understanding of the audience that will ultimately use your product and be able to address the issues before-hand that could avoid some potential difficulties. Going through their portfolio will give you the opportunity to see their previous experiences with the projects. Also, when you work with an outsourcing company that has expertise in your industry.

3. Will You Provide Post-Development Support?

When the software is developed it will require Post-Development Support, the work is not yet done. The software firm will need to release new updates, fix bugs, and add features and functionality to streamline business operations on the go. Maintaining software is equally important as developing it. Ask your software development team about the maintenance and support they provide and tell them about your long-term plans and overall duration of the partnership.

Post-Development Support?

4. How Will You Communicate with My Team & how's your workflow?

Communication is the key to Building successful software!  Effective communication between you and the developers is vital in the software development process. Every step of the way, working with a remote team is possible only by maintaining regular communication and making sure your thoughts and ideas are clearly understood. Ask how often will you communicate with the team and what project-management or collaboration tools will be used(project management boards such as Trello or JIRA, Slack for instant messaging? or Google Hangouts for video conferences?) do not be afraid to introduce solutions you are familiar with and decide on the best fitting one.

5. Do you fully understand my business model, target audience, requirements & goals of our project?

The main goal is to be on the same page with your developers. Deeply understanding your business goals and your target audience is the only way to tailor the software to your future customer’s needs. If a software development firm is not on the same page, it won’t create a successful product that speaks to your audience. For successful outsourcing strategy, clarity on both long-term and short-term requirements, deliverables, expected timeline and overall scope of the project is necessary.

Do you fully understand my business model, target audience, requirements & goals of our project

6. Does Your Software Firm Match Technology To Your Needs?

Does Your Software Firm Match Technology To Your Needs

It is vital that you consider a team that has years of experience, as they can handle tasks comfortably and you’d be sure to get the results, before starting the development, consider talking to a few firms that use a wide variety of technologies in their solutions. They will be able to talk openly about your opinions, and which they feel is the best approach for your project. If you don’t know what technology would work best with your product, don’t be afraid to ask. A good service provider will not only come up with a  solution but also be able to tell you why it’s the best option for your project.

7. Do you have any testimonials, references from previous clients?

References and testimonials will give you a glance at the team and their past performances. In addition, you can see the quality and types of projects they have developed. You can also try approaching some of their clients directly to ask for more details on their collaboration and recommendation. Spend some time to do some research on feedbacks & reviews of their work. Use B2B directories such as Clutch.co, Goodfirms, Trustpilot or just google them. Moreover, The most credible source of information that you can get regarding your potential software development company is from their satisfied and dissatisfied customers.

Do you have any testimonials, references from previous clients

8. What is my role in this project?

Even if you are a non-technical client, you can be involved in the development process or at least some parts of it. Discuss their view on your involvement and find a common ground where you are both comfortable. By being involved you will be able to see improvement and make changes accordingly while the product is still being developed. As mentioned earlier-a direct contact with the team is essential. This will help build your trust and credibility with them.

9. Why should I choose you?

This is a great question to ask as it will help them know what sets them apart, what makes the team qualified for this job, how will they perform well for this role. Not every software outsourcing company talks about its internal organization and other related aspects and It’s difficult to find everything on their website. However, the fact that the software developers in vietnam enjoy similar interests or a team with good synergy can tell you a lot about your future relations and partnership.

Why should I choose you?

Wrapping Up

In this article, we discussed some of the crucial questions to ask when choosing software outsourcing services. If you would like to get more information on software development company and software outsourcing company, visit our blog.

 And if you are looking for a software development partner , check out our team.

Thinh Tat

Thinh Tat


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