The increase and development of the world as a central global village is turning all eyes towards Information Technology development. Phones have progressed from their utilization for phone calls alone to a mobile computer system, portable and sufficient enough to do so much even run a business. The functionalities within the mobile phone world is almost impossible without the advent of several mobile applications

Mobile applications function as gateways for users to perform a variety of operations. Shopping from the comfort of the home, scheduling business meetings, having video conferences amongst so many activities is made possible because of Mobile app development. In Vietnam, Eztek is a software outsourcing services company that provides clients with the very best functional mobile app development services for the production of applications to run day to day operations, personal purposes, or for business use. Our technology is at the top level offering the best user experience and interface for client’s users.

Choose Eztek For Your Why Mobile App Development?

The typical Eztek development team is a combination of project managers, software developers, UIX designers, and content creators with years of experience, who exploit Agile methodologies to shaping clients’ wants and vision into a high-value mobile software application. Eztek is the number one outsourcing offshore software development company in Vietnam operating with the sole aim of providing expert solutions in building our clients demands into a high-quality functioning mobile application. 

What Eztek Offers

In a bid to transform the Vietnam software development market, Eztek offers a broad range of offers with our mobile development service. Our iOS and Android apps are always at the top with the following benefits:

Systematic Planning and Design

Our team is made up of several designers and developers handling several areas and departments required for the complete development of mobile applications and technology. Therefore, our software development company never fail to create a well-defined planned process built to ensure our clients are abreast of the entire process, creating a transparent and seamless process. Our custom software development cycle involves a mobile application development model is created to ensure that every step in the process is met with 100% accuracy and completion. 

Mobile App Development

UIX Expertise

The user experience and user interface designers on our team are trained professionals, excellent in designing a practical canvas that will fit into the functionality of any mobile application. At Eztek, we aim to transform every idea into a feature that will best fit into the mobile application’s purpose. A beautiful design with necessary features and the most efficient layout to encompass important icons and make navigation as seamless as possible is what our team of designers work very hard to achieve. 

Standard Agile Practices

The core foundation of every technology firm is the implementation of a working system that guarantees the most functionality and productivity in the shortest time. With Eztek, our development teams are sectioned by Agile methodology practices. Our mastery in Scrum and the application of tested and reliable meticulous steps to completing projects is what makes Eztek the best Vietnam software outsourcing firm.

Cost Management

The most cost-intensive aspects of mobile application development include the addition of unnecessary features, detailed processing, and a tedious testing model. At Eztek, our team members are efficient and effective in time management and utilizing the best model for the testing. Depending on the quality assurance requirements for your application, Eztek fashions either an automated or non-automated testing system to check the viability of the mobile application and detect bugs. Our major focus is on the clients’ needs at the best minimal cost.

Our Mobile Development Model and Strategy

The system of mobile development either for iOS or android operating system is grounded in an eight-step model which encompasses every aspect of building a functional application from scratch. The steps contained within this model is described below:

Conceptualization and Planning

The first step in building an application, we believe, is coming up with an idea. An idea could be a client’s business need, a gaming idea, or a day-to-day personal task application requirement. Transforming this idea into a well-structured plan to create the ideal concept is the first step, we take in our eight-step mobile application model. Either for iOS apps or android app development, it is very important to answer important questions like “what purpose does this app serve”, “why is this app being developed?”, “for whom should this app be tailored for?”, amongst others. This would guarantee that all the necessary information regarding the features that are required, the baseline sketch of the app, and the timeline for the project is outlined and approved before work officially begins. 

Wireframe Development

Like every house needs an architectural design before any form of work begins, mobile applications are also in dire need of a wireframe to turn the concept into a rough sketch. The wireframe is the base design of the mobile application. This wireframe is the first blueprint for mapping out the basic vision of the mobile app. It is important to make costt analysis and guide the client into the look of their app. If the wireframe doesn’t pass through our client’s approval, at Eztek, we begin the work from scratch until we can visualize the idea in full.

Feasibility Assessment

Once the wireframe is approved, we do a reality check of the feasibility of our architectural design. All research, intensive and thorough is aimed at correctly identifying the possibility of turning the wireframe into an application. All software components are tested for the possibility of inception during our feasibility assessment. If there are unnecessary additions to the wireframe, it is adjusted. If there are features that are necessary for a better design, it is added. The feasibility assessment is where the official groundwork is done before proper work is carried out on the app. When this assessment is completed, then the mobile application is ready for design. 


Designing an application is not a simple construct. It takes a stringent process, understanding the layouts, colors, icons, and navigations that will best suit the application’s purpose and make usability easy for the users. Our UX and UI designers consider every plot in a mobile application story and transform the plot into an app that works best for users. The user interface is developed to specifically suit either iOS or android phones. Our designers and developers are cognizant of the nature of the app, the type of end-users, the various functionality, and therefore use this information to create a combination of colors, patterns, font, pages, and navigations that work best for every feature.


Our software development team takes on the role of properly inputting the lines of codes and creating Realtime functionality of every feature in the development stage. Here, the various cycles of coding and testing process to create a functioning application takes place. Due to the tedious nature of the development stage, lean Agile methodologies are always applied to Eztek’s mobile application development. Our team of software designers and developers work together in harmony to complete every task in the software backend to ensure that the design is brought to life and is fully functional.


Everyone knows the importance of testing an application before deployment. The quality assurance process of the application is 100% handled by Eztek. We do not just deploy an evolved design but take any of our client’s application through a series of rigorous testing. The choice of what testing process we carry out is dependent on what best suits the type of mobile application to discover bugs and lapses in the design or functionality. Eztek ensures that any application due for deployment has passed through a series of testing phases, to not set our wok up for failure in the market.


Deployment involves every process in the release of the application to the mobile application store for accessibility for users. We know at Eztek, our job is not complete until deployment and post-deployment of the application. We stay with our clients until the application passes through approval, rights and policy development, implementation, and release to the public for use. Either deploying on the Apple store or PlayStore, Eztek ensures that every activity done fits into our customer requirements.


No matter how great an application is, it must be maintained and recurrently upgraded for better functionality. As children grow, mobile applications also grow. The mobile application requires ultimate care, attention, and patience. The post-deployment phase typically involves every step taken after the app is released. This will entail monitoring the online usage of the application, noting end-user complaints, fixing bugs, managing storage, and deploying maximum security of the application. Continually updating the application to improve user interface and user experience is what makes a working app stand out from the crowd. Eztek’s team, with talented software developers in vietnam, remains active until this last phase of our mobile app developmental model.

Final thoughts

Building a mobile application to develop your idea is both a wonderful and tedious experience! Without the right resources, it seems almost impossible. However, Eztek makes it all better. At Eztek, an immaculate process is 100% guaranteed. 

Eztek is a Vietnam based software outsourcing company built of lean-agile practices and equipped with the best DevOps engineers in the industry. Get in touch with us to discover more!

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